Understanding the Mystery of Tarot Cards

Understanding the Mystery of Tarot Cards

To most, the concept of Tarot readings remain a Mystery. Tarot Cards are a tool that many readers use to help with a variety of matters we may experience. If you are interested in utilizing Tarot for yourself or to perform Readings for others, becoming familiar with the cards will be your first step.

There are a total of seventy eight cards in a Tarot deck. Each card holds a unique representation that is symbolized with an artistic imprint. The artistry of the deck is generally set in a theme. You can find Tarot cards with a whimsical design all the way to the Medieval musings. In each image you will see symbolism that is either clear to define or hidden in the elements.

The Tarot deck is divided into a few different classifications and sub-classes. Understanding the differences of each is vital when interacting with Tarot.

Major Arcana

There are twenty two cards that fall into the major Arcana category. These are the heavy hitters of the deck leaving little else to question. When you see a Major Arcana card they will stand alone and are not a part of the separate suits.

Minor Arcana

 The remaining fifty six Tarot cards are set in suits. They are in line with the natural elements that surround us. Fire, Water, Air and Earth are the four sectors in each deck. Traditional Tarot have cups (water), Wands (air), Pentacles (earth) and Swords (fire). The suits have an overall meaning while the individual cards bear a coinciding perspective. These cards have more room to interpret than the Major Arcana.

Court Cards

 Similar to a deck of playing cards, Tarot have their own version of the court cards. A King, Queen, Knight and Page are noted within each suit. Often times the court cards will represent a person albeit yourself or someone from the past, present or near future. This is not the rule; however it is common during a reading. These particular cards have distinct traits you will find in personality, behaviors and thought process. Page cards are the known messengers of a tarot deck and can be expected to portray a significant message.

Notable Details

On every card you will see they are numbered in order. This is not in reference to importance, however more as tradition. When you are starting out, you will use a book of meanings. It is important to recognize these definitions are not verbatim. They are a guide that compliments your ability as the reader to delve into your subjects energy and conclude the proper information to relay.

Tarot Card Energy

As with any item relating to different energies around you, your cards will connect to your personal energy. Keeping them covered when not in use and untouched by others will help keep your cards positive. If you do several reading concurrently, it is advisable to cleanse your deck.

Tarot decks are simple to get to know as you work with them. Before you experiment your reading technique on others, be sure you are bonded with your deck and have a clear sense of your own intuition.