Understanding Tarot

Understanding Tarot

Understanding Readings, Tarot and Tools of the Trade

When you think of getting a reading, you may envision crystal balls and golden bracelets made of clattering trinkets. Folk stories and lore have made their way into todays times through movie magic and social productions. Some readers have their own rituals and artifacts that bring positive energy into their circle, however rarely do they include the theatrical rendition that has become popularized in modern culture. Readers use a variety of tools of the trade that assists them in a balanced connection to their client.

How do Reading Tools Work?

Whether you are receiving a reading or learning how to offer them, it is good to clarify the keen distinctions between them. In the list below, you will find the most common reading tools and how they are used. Tarot cards are a popular choice as they are easy to learn and impeccably accurate. Each card represents an idea that is interpreted for the client’s needs. Runes are wise and small stones that hold ancient markings that represent specific information. Each Rune is chosen carefully by the reader for generous insights. Scrying uses a charm of choosing or pendulum that enables the reader to locate or find the answers that are sought. Either/ or and yes /no questions are popular choices for this method.


When we were born, there was an alignment of planets and stars that offer a blueprint of our inner selves. Using the current charts in equation to how they have evolved through your life offers a detailed path to the effects you may have experienced.

Many rely on Astrology for the personalized reading that is geared towards the most original aspects of themselves. We are given clues and cues within our Zodiac signs and charts. If you are interested in learning more about Astrology, this site is a great starting point: Cafeastrology.

While they may seem very different in theory, there is one similarity that cannot be ignored. The actual object or tool is not magic. It does not offer the reader advice that is then relayed to the querent. The method to the proverbial madness is in the lines of energy vibrations between the reader and the client.

These tools are similar to a map that allows one to reach their destination. In order to effectively learn the art, you will have to know, practice and learn the language of one’s energy. In this understanding, you will be able to effectively use them as a guiding point in your reading


Choosing a reading method is a personal endeavor. Understanding yourself and trusting your intuition will help you make the right choice. As you move forward, you will strengthen your instincts and add to your reading repertoire. You may enjoy one or all of the tools available to you. It is vital to remember that a reading is focused on our energy. The vibrations that are both around us and within us are the epitome of any successful reading.