Understanding Ourselves Through Basic Palm Reading

Palm reading is often seen as a cheap trick employed by carnival workers out to make a quick buck, and in today’s world it’s easy to see why. Science often takes precedent over the way we view our lives and it’s easy to dismiss the idea of a planned out future. But in truth, that isn’t what palm reading is completely about and some people take it very seriously. It’s existed for thousands of years, with some cases dating back to China’s Zhou Dynasty between 1046 and 256 BCE. There are ways of telling how many children you may have, how long you’ll live for or even how much money you may accrue but there are also lines that simply tell you about who you are. The most notable of these are two of the most prominent lines in the upper half of your palm known as the heart line and the head line. Different lengths and directions of these lines can supposedly tell us a lot about the way our minds work and can perhaps make us warier of the decisions we make in life and why we do so.

First off it isn’t as simple as taking a look at your hand and finding all the answers. Each hand carries a different path and therefore different meanings.  Usually the right hand will be the one to concentrate on though some believe it to be whichever hand you use more dominantly. This dominant hand is supposed to represent where you are in your current state of life, it changes with the changes you make to it. The other hand represents the path and attributes you were born with, often readers will compare the two, using this hand almost as a reference point.

If you’re looking to use palm reading to perhaps better take control of your life then you’ll undoubtably, as earlier mentioned, want to look at the heart and head lines. First let’s talk about the heart line, this line usually begins at the edge of your upper palm, below the little finger and stretches across, ending between the middle and index fingers. This line concerns your attitude towards love and your emotions. A good heart line is considered to be deep set, clear and unbroken line. A curved line usually indicates that you’re often driven by these emotions where as a straight one is more aligned with using those emotions thoughtfully and carefully.

The head line on the other hand (no pun intended) sits below this line, between your thumb and index finger, stretching across the palm. This line determines your wisdom, attitude and thought processing. Again, a deep-set line will indicate someone who relies more on these types of traits. Here the length usually portrays the way in which you make decisions or think things over. A shorter line ending around the centre of the palm indicates someone who makes snap decisions without pause where as a longer line can mean you really take your time thinking things through, both of which can be good or bad. So, take a look at your lines and see how they align with how you think of yourself, perhaps adjust your life accordingly to achieve the best balance possible.