The Worlds View of Zodiac Signs

The Worlds View of Zodiac Signs

Astrology speaks a universal language around the World. It can offer a beacon of hope, answers and insights no matter what corner of the globe you are on. Astrology is the study of the stars that brings us the concept of the Zodiac. The patterns and alignment of the Universe have been correlated to life as we know it. From retrogrades to personality traits, planetary movements persuade the strands of reality through many cultures.

There are several adaptions of the Zodiac that is noted by the area. Their historical path has stayed a true part of a deep rooted belief system. Zodiac differences of each region indicate their past that has become their present. Ancient teachings and convictions are the foundation of the Zodiac that is still used as a guide today.

Western Zodiac

The elements rule the Western Zodiac with four distinguished categories. Fire, Water, Earth and Air have a mainstream association with the Sun. The moon and planets are divided up into houses that are based on the location along with the time and date. Each element holds the Zodiac signs that are specified by the Birth Month and Day.

Chinese Zodiac

You will find each of the twelve zodiac signs are represented by an animal in Chinese Astrology. The animal of your sign is determined by the year you were born. There are five elements that rotate and alternate with the revered yin and yang . It takes a total of sixty years to complete one cycle of the Chine Zodiac.

Hindu Astrology

With a close relativity to Astronomy, Hindu Astrology places a focus on the Moon versus the Sun or Star signs. Their Zodiac and Astrology signs are found to rely on constellations without reference to the poles axis or placement. You will find three sectors in Hindu Astrology. Hora is a detailed prediction that coincides with Samhita that holds insight to larger events. The actual study of Astronomy is referenced as Siddhanta.

Celtic Astrology

Following the thirteen phases of the Moon, Celtic Astrology uses signs that are set for each Birthdate. For each of the thirteen phases, there is a sacred tree that holds specific knowledge. Each sign has a tree that gives you traits and tellings of times to come. Trees have a long history within the Celtic culture. They have a deep connection with nature which has had a profound impact on their traditions.

Native American

A strong reverence for Life and nature ties into the native American Zodiac. Birth symbols and faith in the Universe collaborates with each sign. The time of year a person is born is connected with all of the elements of our world. From the breeze in the air to animals of all kinds, there is a principle and honor in each one.

The Zodiac systems may have different structures, yet they all have the same meaning. A look into our present, past and future through the Stars will help us find ourselves and the path we are meant to travel.