The Up’s and Down’s of Mercury in Retrograde

The Up’s and Down’s of Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury in Retrograde is infamous for muddling the masses and wreaking havoc along the way. The planetary phenomenon occurs three to four times per year and gains immense attention through its visit. Mercury is known as the messenger of the planets. Communication and matters of the mind are inspired under the Mercurian rule. When Mercury goes into retrograde, you will notice some alterations and variations to your usual routine.

Mercury in The Mind

When you think of communications, you will notice it touches most aspects of your day. Conversations and interactions are with us from a morning of business to an evening at home. You can expect delays and misunderstandings in many of your exchanges through the retrograde. Confusion and altered perceptions can inhibit processes creating a flux and flurry effect on your thoughts.

Past and present reminders and resolutions tend to reappear for  review. While this may appear as a negative, it is actually a positive in our life. The longer we keep swept items under the proverbial rug, the more damage they can cause. It is a great time to reflect and refresh our purposes for a new day.

Mercury at Work and Home

Like a time-clock, the workplace has a regimen and routine that provides a productive environment. When a Mercury Retrograde is at play, the projected work flow can come to a screeching halt. Computers, telephones and vehicles may undergo a significant amount of lag and mishaps. Mercury covers all styles of communication.

Mercury at home has the ability to bring some muss and fuss to the dinner table. Relationships tend to lean to an extreme side of communication. Excessive chatting may sway to not talking at all. Marital, parental and friendly communications alike can be strained or ineffectual at times during the retrograde. Household bills, daily activities and itineraries can all be under the mercurian effects.

Mercury and Positive Planning

Once Mercury goes into retrograde, there is no turning back. Taking precaution and preventive measures will minimize the retrogrades effects on your day. Keep up to date with Mercury’s schedule and mark your calendars to begin your preparations. Make sure you start projects beforehand to ensure a smooth transition from start to finish. Prepare and back up your technical documents for those just in case scenarios. Place surge protectors where they are needed and double check your maintenance schedules. It is wise to expect the unexpected for a fool proof plan.

If you find yourself in the mix of Mercury while in retrograde, focus on the positives and use this moment to balance your energy. This will help you move swiftly through the weeks with your days intact. While Mercury seems to spell mischief, this retrograde period also serves a greater purpose. Much like the full and new Moon cycles, Mercury offers us a chance to turn the tides by bringing to the light what was once hidden or unknown.

Enjoy this time and create a new tomorrow!