The Psychic Senses

The Psychic Senses

The most commonly asked question energy readers hear is… are you a Psychic? It seems as if that should be the easiest question to answer, however it is unexpectedly difficult. The term Psychic refers to the gift of communication with the energies of the past, present and future. It is an umbrella that covers many brilliant abilities in one neat and tidy classification. There are several individual talents that work together in a unique collaboration.

Energy is read through our senses, intuition and a keen communication with ones self. Each reader holds their own proclivities and penchants in their works. The Metaphysical Arts are cultivated differently depending on the person. Natural abilities and spiritual awareness are usually the foundation of ones practice. As time goes on, additional attributes may be presented as your gift progresses.  The separate abilities are collectively considered to be Clairs. Extrasensory perceptions are intertwined with our sight, hearing, feelings and thoughts.

The Senses of Sight and Sounds

Seeing something with your minds eye, is different than seeing it in first person through your traditional vision. Clairvoyance is the ability to capture images or moments that appear as a slide show or a brief flash. The subtle portrayal of information offers detailed and intuitive insights. It could be as simple as seeing a specific color or it can extensively show an entire sequence of events. Understanding the flow of intel will help interpret the reason it is being seen.

Clairaudience is similar to its clairvoyant counterpart except with the use of hearing in lieu of sight. When you experience this Clair, you may not hear things in your surroundings. Instead, the sound is described as an audio version of thoughts or messages from your intuition. Phrases, words and sounds bring these acknowledgments to light.

Sense Through Touch and Feeling

Having a feeling of a determined outcome or answer to a question is considered to be Clairsentience. It is closely related to Clairempathy due to feeling the information versus hearing or seeing it. Strong sensitivities can occur when surrounded by differing emotions. If you are seeking to resolve a specific inquiry, the feeling will be undeniable. You will just know without further investigation. Trusting your instinctual reactions will help you understand exactly what you are needing to identify.

Touching an item or person can bring a flurry of emotions and knowledge. Clairtangency works through the physical and transforms the communication of information. Many readers experience this when they touch the hands of their clients. Objects can unfold an entire story when touched and is used often when trying to configure the history or present status of the situation.

In a Sense

Intuitive guidance is offered to us in many ways. You may acquire one or a combination of the Clairs that will help you along your journey. Our senses work together with our own awareness. The presentation of your abilities will manifest as you are ready to receive them. Natural inclinations pair with the resonance of your mind for a balanced and thoughtful perception.