The Career and Astrology Connection

The Career and Astrology Connection

It is not often you can change careers in the middle of the corporate highway. This makes it vital that you are comfortable and confident with your career choice. After the fact, it can still be confusing and hard to make a final decision. Our astrological indicators can help us in many areas of our life. From marriage partners to personal growth, Astrology is a guided gift from the stars.

Your sign holds specified characteristics that along with other factors will determine your most successful endeavors. Our character can genuinely make us either well or ill-suited for certain occupations. Depending on your astrological sign, you may find yourself born and bred for several lines of employment options.

Astrology Signs in Careers

If you are seeking a career in communications of any kind, this will require a quick wit and savvy smarts. This job sphere includes sales, service and consumer relations. The signs that fall within this scope are:

  • The Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are natural communicators with an entrepreneurial perspective.
  • Sagittarius signs are great listeners with a knack for applying solutions to problems.
  • Earthy Taurus provides a balance of communication and Consulting.

Careers that hold a leadership or investigative position needs a sense of tenacity coupled with persistence, organization and a fair disposition.  If you are one of these naturally leading signs, consider a role in administration, management or analytical capacities.

  • Pisces is a sign that is not easily persuaded. They make good leaders, are focused and self-driven.
  • Aries and Capricorn are go getting signs that are persuasive with a plethora of talents for their chosen field.
  • Taurus appears again with a natural born tendency to be knowledgeable and goal oriented.

The technical side of the employment board involves technical thinking, hands on work and/or analytical concepts. Everything from mechanics, medical fields to accounting require a specific logical priority. Industries benefit from these signs for the talents they offer.

  • Virgo – Quiet Virgo is smart and savvy with an incomparable point for precision and detail.
  • Cancer brings a strong acumen with a patience for the critical dynamics that is hard to find.
  • Scorpio are hard hitters exceeding expectations with a detailed awareness that makes them great at everything they do.

Social settings involve counselors and therapists all the way to teachers. Reflective, smart and empathic are pre-sets to this fulfilling career. A deeper understanding and ability to work with differing walks of life are imperative to a success.

  • Leo is a creative mind that make an influential impression on those around them on those around them.
  • Sagittarius are excellent innovators who are able to guide others to understand different aspects.
  • Aquarius prospects are well rounded and capable of conveying their thoughts to others.

Each sign has a multitude of complementing traits. Your moon and ascending signs can also influence your career matches with bordering qualities and characteristics. The most important thing is to find a path that will bring you happiness for years to come.