Recognizing Signs and Messages from the Universe

Recognizing Signs and Messages from the Universe

Life is full of surprising twists and unexpected turns. We may find ourselves with difficult choices to make and confusing crossroads to contemplate. In the light of change, we might need a little help to stay on track. Subtle signs may cross our paths in unexpected ways.

Some may view random repetition as a coincidence. Recurring numbers, symbols or signs indicate a helping hand is nearby. Messages and hints are often hidden in plain sight. The vibrations that surround us hold keys and clues to our life. Recognizing these messages will bring us a fresh perspective to the perplexities we face.

Dreams and Scenes Signs

Dreams are full of symbolism that represent the workings of our subconscious. The details that seem to stand out may signify a deeper meaning. The dream world is full of mysterious musings that are ours to interpret. During challenging times, we notice an influx of information that come to us when we are asleep. These messages are important to take note of and can help us along in the right direction. Experiencing a phenomenon called Déjà vu is a common occurrence. You may have come across similarities in your dreams, daily life or even past lives.  Paying close attention to a repeating scene or theme can have an undertone of significance. Be aware of your surrounding to gain insights that you need to know. Reading between the lines is essential when deciphering dreams and déjà vu.

Numbers and Symbols Messages

Numbers are an easy way for messages and communication to be received. Finding the same sequence of numbers on clocks, receipts and statements could be a vibrational sign. Each number has a signifier that helps us to decode its importance. Understanding the number combinations offer us a clearer view of what is before us. Symbols such as feathers, scents and words can stand out in a crowd when they are meant for us to see. They will usually inspire thought and comfort when you need it the most. Familiarity with your symbols show you the basis of its perception. You may feel the saying or scent resonates with your senses creating emotion and discernment. It is considered a gift of balance and wisdom.

Colors and Orbs

There are some days we just need to know we are not alone. Our spirit guides watch over us with love and care. They will let us know when they are near through color and the appearance of small lights or orbs. These small hugs and hellos can bring us through the toughest of times. We may also notice their presence alongside an average day, meditative moments and joyous occasions.


The messages sent to us are intended to be thoughtful and supportive. Recurring signs will bring you a keen understanding of your life and path. When you have an array of options and potential diversities, these intuitive gifts send us the knowledge and strength we need to move forward in light.