Parenting by Astrology

Parenting by Astrology

One of the strongest bonds in a relationship is between a parent and child. Astrology can give us an inside peek to our inclinations and personality traits. This intel follows through into all of our endeavors. As a parent, you strive to make the best decisions regarding your children. Aside from doing what is right for our family, it is important to remember that each child has their own Astrological blueprint.

The details of their Astrology chart will be dependent on the time, date and location of their birth. This will play a role throughout their life and experiences. A parent has their own charts and planetary alignments that intermingle with their child’s particular sign. Understanding the impact of the signs will keep you a step ahead.

The Signs of Parents and Children

A Child and Parent will have a continual interaction from day to day. In the toddler years and up through their teens, Children will bring joy and light into a Parents life. They will also test the boundaries and learn life lessons that will help them become the well rounded adults we hope for. Their Astrological signs have several effects on their growing journey. The more you know as a Parent, the better you will be able to create an effective and communicative culture.


Your Sun, Moon and rising signs hold indicators in all areas of your life. Communication is essential when raising a Child. How you communicate and how your child listens will greatly vary. For an example, Scorpios and Pisces are deep thinkers who do not always open up about their thoughts. It takes a certain amount of care when gathering information or thoughts from them. On the opposite end of the Sign spectrum is Gemini, Libras and Leos who will gladly chat about their day. If a parent is less communicative than a Child or vice versa, you will want to make sure you take that into consideration throughout the years.

Decision Making

Choices will present themselves each and every day. Astrology charts influence the factors of circumstances and how strongly the details weigh in our thoughts. You have the logical Virgo that will analyze a situation quietly whereas a Capricorn will take a hands on approach. Sagittarius and Aquarius Signs tend to look at both sides of the proverbial coin in most cases. If a parent or a Child is a Taurus, you can expect a stable line of decisions although they lean towards considering their inner egos in their actions. You can look to Cancer and Aries to have an emotional aspect to their thinking process. Making decisions in personal, social and physical topics will largely include the environment, upbringing and Astrology.

Communication and the decisions we make are the foundation of the lives between Parents and Children. The never ending love of your family can only be strengthened with understanding, compassion and a true appreciation for one another. No wonder something as important was immortalized even in the night sky.