Making Colors and Scents of Positive Energy

Making Colors and Scents of Positive Energy

Uses of Energy evolved long before science became established. Now that we have the means to explore the method, we have found scientific explanations behind the vibrations. One way Energy can be redirected or altered is through the use of our senses. Our psyche works with atmosphere and the energies in it. Positive and Negative Vibrations have the ability to impact how we feel alongside our mind set. Color, Scents and sounds effect the energy that is found both within and around us. There are many ways to infuse our thoughts into the air and universe for a positive affirmation.

Positive Colors and Energy

Candles come in a variety of colors that represent a certain quality. As White represents peace, purity and truth, Purple is the color of spiritual awareness, tranquility and wisdom. Each color has a cue and vibrational purpose. Burning candles with positive intentions can prove to be beneficial for your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Colorful ribbons are purposed for handfastings and in jewelry to help resonate our wishes. We can have a positive effect on ourselves with colored clothing and representations we carry with us.

The Scents of Energy

The scents of Candles and oils can produce an environment that is calming or energizing. Depending on the scent you choose, the vibration reaches around us in a positive manner. At times it is not just the Scent of an item that makes a difference, the material of which it is made can have differing properties. Sage is an ancient way to remove negativity from our Energy. In ancient times, Scent was a powerful tool that was common during rituals and practices. The scents around us can enhance our gifts creating an ambiance that opens the minds eyes and chakras. Paying attention to aromas in the room that are not intentional can be a sign that is trying to tell you something. Matching the scent and meditation will help uncover its messages.

Harnessing the Energy of Sound

Music has been known to hold the ability to sway our mood or thoughtful perceptions. Playing instrumentals of instruments can bring an ethereal experience. Meditation and relaxation are essential when it comes to your mind. Music assists in this endeavor in a way that seems magical. Sound has also been a tradition for thousands of years to banish and prevent negative energy or spirits. Wooden sticks were tapped together in a circle to ward away evils. Songs, chants and sounds became a way to revere strength and drive away negativity. Wind chimes are used to today for their pretty twinkling as the wind breezes by. In actuality, their purpose was to keep negative energies at bay while chiming a warning when something unwanted is near.

The three factors of Color, Scent and Sound have been traditionally passed along for centuries. Whether you are inspiring your gifts or hoping for good outcomes, Positive Energy will be on your side as long as you keep in mind all the elements that makes a creation so special.