How to Remove Negative Energy

How to Remove Negative Energy

One of the first rules you may remember learning in life is “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”. 

There is more to this adage than proper manners. The practice of positivity and light holds value on many levels. On a day to day basis, we are affected by positive and negative energies. These energies can have an intense impact on our essence and being. Protecting ourselves from negative energy will keep the shadowing influences at bay. Each individual  projects their own energies into the atmosphere. If you are subjected to deleterious environments, you may feel emotionally drained, tired or stressed. These effects can carry through and continue until you cleanse and protect yourself.

Cleansing Negative Energy

Cleansing and protecting your aura and psyche are essential to leading a positive way of life. We act as magnets in our surroundings, drawing to us and collecting the effectual energies that are present. A few helpful preparations and applications will protect your settings, senses and spirit.

There are various ways to brighten your energy throughout the day. Specific materials and methods in your cleansing repertoire will include:

  • White Sage Bundles
  • Crystals
  • Amulets
  • Mantras and light works
  • Chimes

These processes can be used together or individually to ensure your energy has the positive reinforcement it needs. Create a routine that will approach your personalized situation by applying these simple tried and true techniques.

Keeping Light Energy

White sage bundles can be found at most metaphysical shops. They come with a tradition of cleansing negative or stale energy from both yourself and the area around you. Smudging with sage will help you to clear your mind, body and spirit. In conjunction with Smudging, it is wise to incorporate healing crystals and protective amulets. These can be carried with you for peace of mind and a layer of defense against negative energies. To choose a crystal that is right for you, feel through them until one in particular seems to touch your senses. Onyx, Obsidian and Tigers eye are excellent options for cleansing and protection.

The art of working with light allows you to infuse your own style and intuition. Visualizing and actualizing work together through the use of Mantras and Meditative practices. Speaking your mantras aloud give your words strength and affirmation. You can have a variety of renditions and repetitions that are tailored to your specific position. Rhythmic soothing sounds contribute to your calm. Try using chimes or instrumental melodies to set the ambience and tone for the day. This will give you the perfect backdrop for working with light. Purifying white candles, charging crystals and herbal infusions will preserve your enriched positivity.

Positivity touches all areas of our mind and our life. If you are subjected to negative energies, it is important to protect yourself and cleanse your senses and settings. It is wise to remember; the heart and soul of any matter lies within our own actions.