How Accurate are Signs in Relationships?

How Accurate are Signs in Relationships?

The stars seem to shine a little brighter when you are falling in love. Your new interest seems to be a dream come true…. well, almost. As you get to know each other, Birthdays are bound to come up in conversation. So, what happens when your signs are at the opposite ends of the Zodiac track? When the verdict is given, the word incompatible can cause some concern when planning for the future.

Does your sign compatibility or lack there of bless or doom your relationship from the start? It is a common consensus is that Astrology consists of twelve Zodiac signs that hold traits and fates depending on when you were born. The truth is, there is more than meets the Astrological eye. While the Sun sign is the tradition, Astrology consists of hundreds of intricate and precise alignments that weave together both our path and our relationships.

Signs in a Relationship

There is an overwhelming amount of information, along with some misinformation about how the signs can affect your relationships. The following three factors are collaborated mainstays of the signs and compatibility scene.

From Moon signs to the Sun and everything in between, there are many signs depending on the location, date and time of your birth. The planets alignment bring specific strengths and traits into your Astrological chart. The main signs that have proven significant is your Moon, Sun and Ascending signs. Your Sun sign compatibility may be off center; however the contributing alignments may signify a perfect match.

Environmental Impacts

When it comes to signs and compatibility, Environments are often overlooked. If a Water sign is raised in a household with a strong presence of Air or Earth, the traits of those signs may have been adapted. Strong convictions or beliefs will sway the dominant precursors of an individuals sign and either strengthen or soften them. This will diversify the compatibility components for each person.


The Name and Birthdate of your love interest will hold varying trends that can contribute to which facets of their Sign will flourish. Life paths and personality groups will have a definitive say in the outlook of compatibility. Use this Numerology calculator to learn more about you and your partners Numerical imprints.

The Paths End

These three factors offer an inside perspective to Sign compatibilities. Understanding how they work together will help you gain the insights you need to determine the truth in compatibility. It is very possible that a couple with differing Sun signs may have an alignment that works well together. Taking into consideration their Moon and Ascending signs will allow you to see the bigger picture.

The fate and path we follow, will lead us to our destination. As the saying goes, when you find yourself only then will you find your soul mate. If you are one of the lucky few, you will find each other and find yourselves together. The journey is full of winding trails. Follow your path and you will truly find your own destiny.