The Three Zodiac Signs that Matter the Most

Your Zodiac sign offers a deeper look into your personality and predestined characteristics. We read and research the pros and cons, looking for common denominators in our own life. As you may have noticed, the signs are not one size fits all. You may carry traits and tidbits from other signs that have an effect on how you interact with both yourself and the world.

Astrology offers us a customized blueprint of who we are. Our core colors are reflected in the triangle of our horoscope. In this trio, we have our Moon, Sun and Ascending signs that give us a true snapshot of our essential qualities and the components of our personalities.

How to Calculate Your Signs

The most common sign is derived from your date of birth. Sun signs are used in most horoscopes and follow the basic alignments of your chart. To configure your Moon and Ascending signs, you will need to know the exact time of birth and the location. If you have the tools and the training, you can graph and map your own chart. If you are like the rest of us, you can entrust an astrologer or visit a website that calculates your signs automatically. And you can always use the calculator to be sure about your sign.

What your Signs Mean to You

Now that you have calculated your signs, you may wonder…. what does it mean?

Your true self is classified into three groups:

The Moon – The heart of your soul includes your emotions, your deeper senses and intuition. Creativity, talents, and relationships are most effected by your Moon sign.

The Sun – Mind over matter discerns our inner thought processes. Logic and the basics of our personality are governed within our Sun sign.

The Ascending – This sign is also known as your Rising sign. It will show our impact on the world and how we are perceived by others as the external aspects of our true being.

How the Sign Trio Interacts

Understanding your three main signs will help you to learn more about yourself. Each of the Zodiac signs have strengths and weaknesses allowing us to gain an inside look into our thoughts and actions. Sometimes we will have opposing influences from our signs.

Having two conflicting signs indicates your mind and your heart may not work together all the time. Others may see you differently until they get to know you. Depending on which signs are at odds, you will have the information you need to act and counteract accordingly. You may also find your signs pleasantly compatible allowing for a more balanced perception to life.

Your Moon, Sun and Ascending signs are as significant in your life as your signature. You will have the opportunity to consider each part of you in its own unique design. Each sign directs a different piece of the puzzle that makes us who we were, who we are and who we are truly meant to be.