Elemental Influences

Elemental Influences

Are you Earth, Air, Fire or Water?

The elements of the universe can be found in every part of the world. From the oceans depths to the skies above us, we see the essence of Air, Fire, Water and the Earth. These four cornerstones are the platform for Astrological signs. Each element has its own unique traits and characteristics that contribute to the balance of nature.

Learning which element you represent, will uncover a deeper layer of meaning. In conjunction with your Sun, Moon and Ascending signs, your element is the very essence of the big picture. Unlike the Zodiac, Elements do not move in chronological order. Each element holds an umbrella over similarities and parallels that are found within the signs.

The Four Elements: Air

In nature, Air is the element of wind and renewal. It is known as the breath of your soul.  This element of the East is connected to Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Air offers quick moving and thinking with wits to match and a multiverse of capabilities. Creative, smart and well versed are associated with the whimsical Air signs. The Gypsies of the Zodiac are both adaptable and versatile in their surroundings.

  • Tarot: Swords
  • Color: Yellow and White

The Four Elements: Water

When you think of crystal waters, you feel replenished and refreshed. The Western element of Water is healing and mystical. Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer hold wells of inner emotion. Reflective and expressive, the water signs are known to be highly intelligent and observant. Their moods can flow like the waves allowing for a time of pause and processing. Loyal and genuine, this element is the truest of signs.

  • Tarot: Cups
  • Color: Blue and Grey

The Four Elements: Earth

The movers and the shakers of the Zodiac are found in the Earth realm. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are deeply rooted to their senses allowing for natural abilities. The stable North element is grounded to the world around them. The builders of life and foundations makes them an undeniable force in their surroundings. Those who fall under this sign are smart, driven and hold the determination of the world.

  • Tarot: Pentacles
  • Color: Brown and Green

The Four Elements: Fire

The Southern element of Fire includes Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. A certain brilliance illuminates around them allowing for the renewal of their surroundings. They are strong willed with a high energy. Meditative and sound, Fire elements have the upper hand in the deck. They are decisive with a creative edge that brings swift action and fair assessments. This Fire is bright and enlivened with the world around them.

  • Tarot: Wands
  • Colors: Red and Orange

In Conclusion

In every element is a story waiting to be told. Understanding yourself is the first step to ensuring you stay on the path you were destined to take. Your Zodiac sign and your Element is a personalized perspective into your deeper senses. You will find the elements work together to create a harmonious balance. As individuals we can see how our contribution leaves an impression on the Universe. Learn more about Element Compatibility here: Element compatibility.