An Introduction to the Power of Crystals

An Introduction to the Power of Crystals

Crystals are incredibly important parts of our life, they are used every day in different technologies, in everything from TV’s and mobile phones to the satellites that connect us all to each other the world over. Throughout history they have been considered as something extremely special, there are even theories that the Atlanteans were considered so advanced thanks to their work with crystal technologies. But it’s not just technology that these mysterious rocks are tied too, there is also a mystic aspect that many believe can help us to heal and connect to the spirit world.

Crystals themselves are actually millions of years old, in fact they were formed during the earliest stages of the Earths development. They are truly interesting things, spirituals believe that they actually retain every piece of information that they have been exposed to over that huge amount of time, sort of like an endless databank of knowledge. Supposedly they absorb the knowledge given to them, such as extreme weather storms or even great events in history and then pass it on to whomever they come into contact with.

Did you know that crystals are considered to be the most orderly construct that exists throughout nature? This then suggests that they have the lowest amount of what is known as entropy, which is a measurement for disorder. This construction allows crystals respond to the many different inputs given off by different energies which causes them to oscillate and emit a very specific vibratory frequency. It’s this balance that makes them so valuable in modern technologies as mentioned before, this ability to store such a vast amount of information makes them essential.

These same qualities are what has attracted humans to them for as far back as we can remember. They have been key parts of all sorts of different and important aspects of our lives, things like ancient burial rites, healing rituals, divination practices, spiritual development and even just to show power amongst fellow people. It is thought that our ancestors were more in touch with their spirituality, this is likely due to their faith in intuition, in the past these same ancestors would wear certain crystals as they knew on a base level that the energies would interact with their own electromagnetic field, bringing about changes in their own.

If you wish to obtain your own crystal in order to affect your energies it is important to know that there are many different kinds and these different types of stone each benefit different purposes. Some are better for healing, some for tapping into one’s own intuition (particularly good for meditation) whilst some are much better for technology instead. Often when picking a stone, it is thought that the stone will speak to you. Now, obviously this isn’t in a literal sense (though we never say never), but rather it will perhaps feel hot, send tingles up your arm or even give you third-eye buzz. Alternatively, if the stone doesn’t feel right then it likely isn’t for you, trust your instincts here and you won’t be sorry.