Monthly Archives: January 2019

Parenting by Astrology

One of the strongest bonds in a relationship is between a parent and child. Astrology can give us an inside peek to our inclinations and personality traits. This intel follows through into all of our endeavors. As a parent, you strive to make the best decisions regarding your children. Aside from doing what is right […]

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Understanding Ourselves Through Basic Palm Reading

Palm reading is often seen as a cheap trick employed by carnival workers out to make a quick buck, and in today’s world it’s easy to see why. Science often takes precedent over the way we view our lives and it’s easy to dismiss the idea of a planned out future. But in truth, that […]

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Understanding the Mystery of Tarot Cards

To most, the concept of Tarot readings remain a Mystery. Tarot Cards are a tool that many readers use to help with a variety of matters we may experience. If you are interested in utilizing Tarot for yourself or to perform Readings for others, becoming familiar with the cards will be your first step. There […]

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